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Scuba Shack Radio #12 – 8-18-19

In this episode we talk about the Surface Marker Buoy, hyperbaric chambers and “The Terrible Hours”

Several years ago PADI introduced deploying a surface marker buoy as a key skill into their Open Water certification. A very important safety feature that every diver should understand and be able to execute in the real world. Sometimes you will need to deploy the SMB when on a drift dive or if you aren’t in the vicinity of the boat when you surface, you will want the boat to see you and come and pick you up. Always carry a SMB when diving in the ocean.

Sometimes divers experience decompression sickness where nitrogen comes out of our tissue too quickly. The hyperbaric chamber or recompression chamber is used to treat this problem by recreating the environment of the dive at depth and slowly bringing the diver up at a controlled rate. Treatment can last several hours to multiple days. You should always know the location of the closest hyperbaric chamber to where you are diving and don’t forget to purchase your dive accident insurance.

The Terrible Hours is a book written by Peter Mass about the rescue and salvage of the USS Squalus, a submarine that sank off the coast of New Hampshire in 1939. The submarine was in about 240 feet of water and the rescue of 33 men from the vessel under the direction of then LCDR Charles “Suede” Mumson who was the pioneer of submarine escape and rescue. It is an incredible read and will definitely keep you riveted.

Scuba Shack Radio #11 – 8-4-19

In this episode we discuss function checking your dive equipment, seafood waste and the first episode of Sea Hunt.

Too often we read about diving incidents that could have been avoided had the diver completed a simple pre-dive function check. It is simple, easy and takes very little time to do. Once everything is assembled, simply turn on your gas, check both regulators (primary and alternate second stage) by breathing both, then power inflate the BCD to ensure it properly inflates and that the over pressurization valve releases. Finally, deflate the BCD. With your function check complete to can now have the peace of mind that your life support gear is working properly.

There is an article in Hakai Magazine by Sasha Chapman titled “Wasted” and it discusses the issue of seafood waste. The article points out that 27 % of fish caught is wasted. This waste happens along every link from harvesting, processing, manufacturing, distribution, retailing and consumers. Sasha discusses the varying causes and points out that it is cheaper to discard than re-purpose.

The first episode of Sea Hunt aired on January 4, 1958. It was titled Sixty Feet Below. There were 39 shows in season 1 and it ran through October 4, 1958. This episode introduces us to Mike Nelson an ex-Navy frogman working at Marine Land of the Pacific. The show is about a downed Navy experimental jet that has a pilot trapped inside. Mike’s job is to mark the jet and rescue the pilot. With time running out on the pilot’s air supply, Mike saves the day.